Top Spin is a statewide competition asking young Victorians to call out the sneaky tactics used by the alcohol industry to influence them to drink.

Have you been snapped by a photographer at a festival or club? Alcohol companies use your image to promote their brands on social media - without asking.

Noticed booze ads taking over your sport fields?

Are alcohol companies sliding into your Instagram feed through ads and influencers?

These are just some of the tricks alcohol companies use to get you to drink more. It’s time to call them out!

We know young Victorians are more clued in to the tactics that flood your life events, so we want to hear what you have to say.

We have the facts and you share your spin!


Comp rules

Top Spin will run from the 9 April 2019 to the 12 May 2019.

To be eligible for the competition:

  • you must be a young Victorian between 18 and 29 years
  • your entry must represent an alcohol industry tactic
  • your entry must not substantially reproduce any alcohol brands (parodies are okay as long as Intellectual Property rights are not breached).

Your entry can be text, image or video. For more, please read our T&Cs.

Once submitted, entries remain live throughout the entire competition period. Submit multiple entries and get them in early for your best chance to win!

Comp prizes

Each week, there's a major prize ($1,000) and minor prizes (3 x $100 vouchers) up for grabs. With so many chances of winning, there is no reason not to enter.

Judges Award ($1,000 major prize)

Our Judges' Award will be based on:

  • Alcohol industry tactic - highlights an industry tactic not individual consumption/behaviour
  • Uniqueness - reveals a different perspective on an alcohol industry tactic, or a different way of communicating this tactic
  • Comprehension - clearly understands the industry tactics used and communicates this well
  • Execution - great execution for the type used (text, image or video)
  • Shareability - has generated significant likes and/or comments

Judges' Shout Outs (3 x $100 gift vouchers)

Our Judges' Shout Out will be based on:

  • Best execution - for an outstanding execution
  • Clearest #topspinvic tactic - for an outstanding tactic
  • Wordsmith - for the most compelling story



Got a question? We’ve got answers!

Take a look at our frequently asked questions below and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for email the team and we'll get back to you:

VicHealth’s Top Spin is a state-wide competition asking young Victorians to call out the sneaky tactics used by the alcohol industry to influence them to drink. We know the alcohol industry are champion spin doctors who play us through their tactics – making us think alcohol is all fun and good times while knowing it causes a lot of hurt. So, we want to help a generation of younger Victorians promote their ideas to help promote and create change.

Simply pick an alcohol industry tactic (use one of our Facts for inspiration) and then create an entry for the competition.

Entries can be submitted in text, image or video. It's that easy!

The Top Spin competition opens at 10am on Tuesday 9 April, 2019.

The Top Spin competition closes at midnight on Sunday 12 May, 2019.

Absolutely! Enter as many times as you like and remember once you have entered the competition, you are eligible for every weekly prize so make sure you get in early for the most chances to win.

There are three ways to enter:

  1. Text (story, poem, song lyrics etc.)
  2. Image (poster, photo, memes etc.)
  3. Video (performance, vox pop, animation etc.)

The file size limit is 20MB. Video entries can be uploaded using a third party link e.g. YouTube.

The short answer is no, but if you would like to replace an existing entry with an updated version, contact the team and we'll help!

Not only do you have a chance to win prizes, but your entry could be featured on social, news and through our partners. See T&Cs for details.

Your judges are just like you - young Victorians.

Peer pressure is certainly a real factor in how we drink - everyone knows someone who wants them to have 'one more drink.' However Top Spin is looking at how alcohol companies know this and use it to their advantage - think about how they position drinking as vital to having a 'good time' (read boozy time) competitions for 'you and your mates', bulk purchase discounts targeting group buys - these all effect our friendships and how we drink. We can only accept entries that relate to how booze companies influence us to drink but you can create an entry that shows how they encourage peer-pressure.


Created for young Victorians; judged by young Victorians

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