Booze plays a huge role in Australian sport and it’s hard to work out where the games ends and the marketing begins. Whether it’s the TV ads that play after each goal, brand logos on the scoreboards or slogans surrounding the action, alcohol advertising goes hand-in-hand with sport. And with some sporting codes addicted to the money they get from alcohol companies, this is one co-dependent relationship.

They’re writing their own rules:
  • The majority of the booze industry’s huge advertising and sponsorship budgets are spent in and around sport.
  • Children readily absorb sport sponsorship messages, with 76% of Aussie 5 and 12 year olds able to correctly identify at least one sport by its sponsors which include alcohol brands. It’s no surprise that four out of five Australians believe that the alcohol industry should not be allowed to advertise alcoholic beverages during kids’ television viewing times.
  • There’s a massive loophole in Australia’s regulations which allows alcohol advertising to be shown during kids’ viewing hours if it’s during a sporting event. Alcohol companies take full advantage of this, with nearly half of all TV alcohol ads aired during sporting telecasts.
  • Alcohol brands want us to connect sport’s identity, culture, camaraderie and popularity with drinking. But does it make sense to align such a positive, healthy part of life to a harmful product?
  • Stadium and sponsorships deals have ensured sporting codes have become addicted on booze industry dollars. Perhaps it’s time for major codes to break from the pack, step up and sever their ties with the booze companies.