Ignoring the booze company’s sneaky or sledgehammer prompts to drink can be hard enough, but it’s even tougher to say no to your mates. It can be awkward taking a stand by not drinking or by deciding you’ve had enough. Our friendships influence how we act and the kind of person we become. Hanging out and having fun doesn’t have to come with a heap of pressure and drama.

Our mates are not beyond their reach either:
  • Pressure from our mates can get us to drink way more than we want to. Whether it’s their shout or they’re shouting at you to keep up, it can be hard to say no.
  • Why do we have to make an excuse not to drink, or to keep drinking till we’re blind?
  • Why do we give our mates a hard time for not wanting to get drunk with us?
  • Does all our socialising have to involve booze? How can we get more out of our Sunday mornings so that we don’t waste the day feeling bad?
  • The alcohol industry profits when we go hard, but we pay the penalty. Nights under the table, days in bed, missed opportunities, injury, violence, disease. Can we find a better way where we don’t lose out?