Meet more of our winners

10 May 2019

Week 3 and Week 4 winning entry

Hear that ticking? That’s time running out for Top Spin 2019! You have until May 12 to get your entries in.

We’ve interviewed our latest major Judges’ Award winners, Riley van Ingen and Felix Barnett, so you can pick their brains for inspiration.

How did you come up with the idea for your entry?

Riley van Ingen: I came up with last week’s idea when I saw the Game of Thrones themed drinks at my local Dan Murphys. I immediately knew this would be a great technique to discuss in a Top Spin entry.

Has Top Spin made you think differently about the alcohol industry’s influence on young adults?

Felix Barnett: Top Spin has definitely made me think differently about the alcohol industry's influence on not only young adults, but everyone! I was amazed to learn about the sheer number of alcohol ads in the AFL grand final last year, and it has made me realise just how much exposure alcohol advertising gets in our sports. I now understand just how thought out and targeted certain demographics are, and overall I think I am now more cynical of advertising in general.

What do you hope other young people will take away from your Judges’ Award entry?

Felix Barnett: I hope my entry will make others realise just how oversaturated alcohol advertising is in our modern lives, especially in sport. Ideally the design will make people question why alcohol advertising is so prevalent, perhaps make them aware of how much sports are targeted by the industry, and by extension make them think twice about how they interact with alcohol.

Riley van Ingen: I hope that young people can recognize when they are being sucked in by the alcohol industry, it is quite easy to fall for the techniques that the alcohol industry use, I was quite naïve before entering Top Spin and know idea of the extent/tactics used by the industry.

A huge thank you to everyone who has already entered and if you are still working away make sure you get your entry in before May 12 to be part of the competition!