Judges Awards Winners in the Spotlight

30 April 2019

Three weeks to go! That’s how long you have to get your entries in for Top Spin 2019.

We’ve interviewed our first two Top Spin major winners Alex Darby and William McElvaney so that you can get all the good oil on what it takes to create a winning entry.

Has Top Spin made you think differently about the alcohol industry’s influence on young adults?

Alex: Top Spin has certainly made me more aware of how clogged our environment is with alcohol advertising. I have started to pay more attention to its presence and noticed it is far more common than I would have guessed before beginning the competition.

What do you hope other young people will take away from your entry?

William: I hope young people take away an understanding of how big business will ruthlessly target them as consumers and sugar coat their agenda.

Alex: My hope is that young people in particular will begin to more fully consider how alcohol advertising influences their decisions, and be more aware when they’re being manipulated by advertising.

William, we have to ask… where did you get that amazing llama costume?!

William: I already had the llama suit from a short film idea that had lost momentum a couple of years ago. And when I was brainstorming ideas to try to address the competition criteria, I thought here is a great chance to use the costume.

Thanks again to all our fantastic entrants and don’t forget this week’s competition closes Sunday 5 May.