Hot Spin, Week 5 winners!

12 June 2018

Hot Spin, Week 5 winners!

Thanks to all spinners who contributed in the last week of the competition, together we’re finding out what the deal with booze companies is and what doesn’t sit right with us about Aussie booze culture.

Receiving a massive 209 votes, anh.huynh was awarded people’s choice winner with their entry ‘Not Everything Belongs Together’. The people have spoken!

ken.smith took the judge’s choice award this week with the entry ‘Aiming young’. He wanted to explore how a “young audience will be exposed to alcohol advertising and marketing from just watching sport”, bringing to light the current advertising regulations we have and how they’re applied.

Top Spin is complete for 2018. Check out the great entries from young people on booze company tactics and booze culture and stay tuned for more spin in 2019!