Alcohol industry’s close-knit relationship with AFL and NRL teams revealed

29 April 2019

beer and sport doesn't mix entry from 2018

Alcohol advertising on TV during sports games is an easy alcohol industry tactic to spot. After 118 alcohol beverage ads were played during the 2018 AFL Grand Final, people have wised up to the sneaky tricks alcohol brands use to try and get more sport fans drinking.

The alcohol industry encourages people to see booze and sport going hand in hand, with nearly 50% of alcohol ads on TV appearing during sports games. Avoiding loopholes in broadcast legislation ensures that even young kids are viewing these ads while trying to watch their favourite sports team.

But it is much harder to pick out how the alcohol industry works directly with our favourite sports clubs to get fans drinking more alcohol.

A new study from the Foundation of Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) has revealed the true connections between the industry and two major sports codes, and it isn’t pretty.

The report found 17 of 18 men’s AFL clubs and 15 of the 16 men’s NRL clubs currently maintain deals with alcohol companies. These deals result in a variety of different advertising placements. Some show up more obviously on team jerseys, but others can be harder to pick – such as branding key equipment or ‘moments’ of a game, or popping up in images during team events and celebrations.

By partnering with footy teams, the alcohol industry is using their influence to get their ads in front of Victorians and portraying alcohol as endorsed by their favourite club. This encourages a culture where footy and froffys go together and is the only way to enjoy sport, which we know is not the case.

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