There are so many milestones to look forward to as a young adult. Booze tends to be a part of these celebrations and that’s no accident. The alcohol industry hones in on these big moments, not because they think you’re awesome, but so that you associate your happy occasions with their products. This can turn you into a lifelong customer: perfect for the alcohol companies, not so great for your memories (or what’s left of them).

Where they get us:
  • 32% of Aussies aged 18-24 were a victim of an alcohol-related incident in the past 12 months alone. Don’t learn the hard way that alcohol hurts.
  • The alcohol industry benefits from the assumed link between alcohol and turning 18 and 21. It’s in their interest to associate major life milestones with their products as it means you’ll stock up on booze every time a big celebration is to be had.
  • The industry is targeting these big events in your life so they can nab you as a lifelong customer. Because the more we drink, the more they profit.
  • We go to uni or TAFE or start a job to better ourselves and learn new things. Yet the boozy culture you encounter can give you some harsh lessons.
  • The memories you’re making now should last a lifetime, not be forgotten in a drunken haze.