About us

VicHealth is asking young people to share what doesn’t sit right with them when it comes to the culture of booze, and how they feel about the marketing spin and tactics of the alcohol industry.

There are five themes to help frame the conversation including Advertising and PR, Influence, Booze and sport, Life lessons and Our mates. We are asking young people to submit an entry responding to these themes online. You can find examples of tactics the alcohol industry use and facts about booze culture on the Tactics page to help with your entry. Entries can be made in text, as an image, or a short video.

A judging panel of young people, creative experts and public health experts will select the best entry each week to be awarded a prize of $1000. We encourage entries from all walks of life but to be eligible to win the prize you need to be from Victoria and aged between 18-29 years. The competition will run for 5 weeks from 3 May to 7 June 2018.

You can view, like and comment on entries on the Top Spin website and share on your social media feeds. There is also a weekly prize of $100 for the entry that receives the most likes so start spreading the news.

About VicHealth

VicHealth is a champion of health for all Victorians. We work with partners to discover, implement and share solutions to the health problems facing Victorians.

We work to keep people healthy, happy and well – preventing chronic disease and keeping people out of the medical system. VicHealth is committed to five areas that have the greatest potential to reduce disease burden and bring about the greatest measurable health gains. These are: promoting healthy eating, encouraging regular physical activity, preventing tobacco use, preventing harm from alcohol and improving mental wellbeing.

About our Partners