Top Spin is sussing out the booze company tricks and tactics that encourage us to drink more and more often.

A drink here and there is fine but the business model for the alcohol industry demands constant growth in drinkers and drinking. But young people are bucking the trend and drinking less than previous generations did.

There’s stuff to do… places to be. Maybe it’s time to re-think the free kicks and easy wickets booze-makers get today. Is it time to pull them into line with how we’re really living? We provide the facts, you give us your spin to win $1000.

How it works

Step One

Suss out the tricks and tactics booze companies are using to get us to drink.

Step Two

Spin it your way. Submit some words, take a photo... designs, drawings or videos even. But make sure you don’t substantially reproduce a brand, ad or product. See our Ts&Cs.

Step Three

Each week our judges pick a winner, so check to see if you’re now $1000 richer. Sweet! A weekly prize of $100 will be given to the entry with most likes, so start spreading the news.

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